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Why you need a content strategy to grow and succeed on Instagram in 2023

Actualizado: 14 mar 2023

Why you need a content strategy to grow and succeed on Instagram in 2023

Today I wanted to talk to you about something you might have seen and heard a lot on Instagram (and on the internet in general), but you might not really know what it means. A content strategy.

What is a content strategy?

It basically means taking your goals and turn them into a plan that uses content to achieve them!

This basically means that you shouldn’t be posting without a purpose.

Every piece of content you create on Instagram should either:

  • Help you connect more with your community

  • Help you convince your audience to make an action

  • Help you reach new audiences

  • Help you position yourself as an expert in your niche

So why do you need one?

If you really are serious about growing an engaged community of fans and be able to monetize you need a strategy.

As simple as that.

So how do you create a content strategy for Instagram?

It’s actually simpler than you think 😉

1. Have a purpose 💫

A content strategy will define how you are going to market yourself to your ideal audience, what kind of content will you use, and which Instagram channels.

You need to have a clear understanding of what your objectives are and how are you going to execute actions to achieve them.

2. Set your goals 📌

What are your main goals on this platform?

Is it just follower growth? Your goal could be: Grow an engaged community by 5% before the end of the quarter.

Is it business growth? Your goal could be: Grow my email list by 100 new people before August 31st.

You should have at least 2 or 3 different goals that you can work towards.

3. Create an action plan 📝

Now you need to write down a step-by-step plan of how are you going to achieve your goals.

Do you want to grow your community by a certain % during the next three months?

Then make sure to be creating a lot of content that creates connections with your community.

How often will you be posting to achieve this goal?

What content formats will you be using for this? Single post? Reels? Carousels?

Remember each format serves a different purpose and should be used strategically.

4. Plan your content

Now it’s time to plan your content based on those goals and your action plan.

Choose up to five topics that you know you can be consistent on and these will be your content pillars.

If you are a social media manager your pillars could be the following:

Pillar 1 - Social Media Growth

Pillar 2 - Your Personal Journey

Pillar 3 - Entrepreneurial Tips

Pillar 4 - Social Media Design

Stick to your content pillars to make your planning much easier.

Remember to create content with purpose.

5. Create your content 📸

Choose one day a week to create as much content as possible.

Whether it's taking all your photos that day or creating your designs, try to do it in batches.

If you've planned reels or TikToks try to create them in batches too and save them in your drafts.

6. Analyze your content's performance 🎭

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your content strategy is to measure your results.

Remember your goals? Has your content strategy helped you achieve them?

Is there anything that you would improve or something to repeat?

Wrapping up

So, do you really need a content strategy?

If you are taking Instagram seriously, you 100% should!

And if you feel like you need a hand to create a content strategy that attracts your ideal audience, join my Side-Hustler to Full-Time creator program where I will show you how


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