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Hey! I'm Juan

Your guide in the evolving world of Instagram marketing. Let me help you transform your expertise into a thriving, stress-free business using the latest in Instagram strategies and a touch of AI magic. Let's unlock the potential for exponential growth and monetization on social media.

Feeling lost in the complex world of Instagram & content marketing for your business?

As an online entrepreneur and content creator, understanding how to be consistent on Instagram, battling ever-changing algorithms, and feeling like your efforts are unseen can be overwhelming. The challenge of making a genuine impact on such a platform often seems like an uphill battle.

Yet, there's a smarter way forward: integrating AI with Instagram strategies. AI not only deciphers audience behaviors but also streamlines navigating these algorithms, ensuring your content not only resonates but makes a mark. It's about transforming posting into a science, where data guides your content to engage and convert effectively.

Shift from guesswork to precision with AI-enhanced Instagram marketing, turning each effort into a step towards measurable success.

Start your AI-powered Instagram journey 🚀  

Dive into our curated selection – from detailed guides to in-depth courses and unique memberships. Uncover the essentials for boosting your Instagram profile and incorporating AI-driven techniques for vibrant expansion. Start a journey where AI breakthroughs enhance your creativity, turning your posts into key business resources!

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ChatGPT strategies Live Workshop

In this live workshop, you'll learn how to leverage the power of ChatGPT to follow my signature framework: "The AI-powered Magnetic Content Framework" which includes: 

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The AI-powered Guide For IG Content Mastery

Master Instagram with the AI-powered Guide: Transform your content strategy using ChatGPT, tailored for creators and entrepreneurs

The AI Creator Academy

Your Step-by-Step 90-day Roadmap to Effective and 

Efficient AI-Powered Content Creation & Marketing.

Only by application


About me

Hey there! My name is Juan Galan!

I'm your mentor, Insta friend, and the visionary behind IG Creator Academy.


My marketing journey began 10 years ago in the corporate sector, transitioning through various roles and exploring Instagram on the side.


In 2018, a career shift propelled me into entrepreneurship, initially managing social media for clients and dabbling in photography.


The pandemic brought a pivotal realization: my true calling was aiding creator-preneurs like YOU in building and growing your brands and businesses online with the power of Instagram and social media.

The game-changer came in 2023 when I embraced AI technology. It revolutionized how I approached marketing, content creation, and strategy, transforming my business.


Today, I lead a thriving community of over 120k across various platforms and have empowered hundreds through coaching, courses, memberships, and challenges.


Now, I'm excited to share these AI-driven strategies with you, to elevate your personal brand and turn your passion into profit. Let's embark on this transformative journey together


Student Feedback

IG Creator Academy Student Testimonial - Laura Beltrán

Laura Beltrán @laurabelru

Fashion Consultant

"In the past month and a half (since we had our second session), I have seen my followers almost duplicate and I have also increased interactions and visibility—both of which were my main goals starting these sessions. I have also launched my own membership program and have started to work with one consulting client, based on the conversations I had with Juan. I would definitely recommend it."

IG Creator Academy Student Testimonial - Gaby Metz

Gabi Metz

IG & Online Business Coach

"Juan thank you so much for guiding me on Instagram! Since I’ve made the changes my following and engagement have increased and I’m much more confident with my content. I was on the fence about coaching and now I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner."

IG Creator Academy Student Testimonial - Sweta

"His strategies are practical and so helpful, I have a clear idea now how to do SEO and optimize my profile, along with all small details that help to get a decent reach on my reels, recently I got 21+k views on my recent reel, and I just follow his tips and advice.
I do recommend taking his course if you want to take your Instagram to the next level and be a full-time influencer!!."

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Unlock the Power of AI in Your Content Strategy!

Dive into the world of AI-driven creativity with our exclusive '50+ ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media and Content Creation'

Growing your online business is a strategic process, enriched by innovative AI tools. We're here to provide you with weekly insights and actionable advice, helping you to integrate AI seamlessly into your business strategy and content creation.advice.

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