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7 Hacks To Crack The Instagram Reels Algorithm And Succeed in 2023

Actualizado: 29 jun 2023

7 Hacks To Crack The Instagram Reels Algorithm And Succeed in 2023

The Instagram Reels Algorithm... This monster that's hiding our Reels, cutting down our reach, and making us feel more and more frustrated.

Is there a way to befriend the algorithm? Is there a way to hack it? There actually is, and I'm that's what I'm sharing with you today on this blog.

But before, I've got an entire video where I go over how the Reels algorithm work or you can download my free NO BS Reels Guide for Reel Success, where I go even more in-depth about our friend 'Algo'.

7 Hacks To Crack The Instagram Reels Algorithm And Succeed in 2023

Hack #1 - Create curiosity from the beginning (and keep it up throughout your video)

The best way to create curiosity is with a HOOK. And I know you’ve heard about this so many times, but let me break it down for you.

There are 2 types of hooks: written & visual hooks.

A written hook is basically what appears at the top of the screen when the viewer is scrolling down.

Visual hooks need to be highly eye-catching in order to stop the scroll.

Now, remember that hooks won't do anything for your Reel if the content of the video is not good!

So, how can you keep your audience curious enough to keep watching?

Hack #2 - Spark emotion

So you’ve created curiosity and before it drops you need to find a way of keeping it at its peak.

And you do this through more emotions.

If you want your reels to resonate with your viewers, and retain them, consider ways in which you can evoke an emotion in them.

Some of the most common emotions that drive viral video content are happiness, laughter, inspiration, and awe.

A few ways to spark emotions on Reels are:

  • With the right music that could create nostalgia

  • With storytelling

  • With humor

Hack #3 - Create a loop

Looping Reels can keep viewers engaged and watching your content for longer, this tends to happen mostly with storytelling Reels like skits or character role-plays. Increasing the chances of people watching until the end, liking, commenting, and sharing your Reel with others.

Since the end of the Reel loops back into the beginning, this allows for repetition, which can help drive more views.

Hack #4 - Use the problem-solution method

First, make sure to provide TONS of value inside the video so that the viewer already feels happy, satisfied, or excited. Then tell them there's more in the caption.

A great way of doing this is by introducing the problem in the Reel

If you've done the right job, they're very likely to go read the caption for more, and here's where the "hack" happens. While people are reading your caption, the video will keep playing at least one more time, which will increase the watch rate for your Reel.

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Hack #5 - Keep them simple

People are on social media to decompress, and the last thing you want is to create something complex that will immediately get a scroll.

The simpler, the better. Less is more.

So, how can you make your reels simple?

Just an idea per reel.

Instead of talking about the top 6 mistakes, talk about the number one mistake. Do you get my point?

Hack #6 - Deliver quick value

This ties in perfectly with the previous point of keeping your reel simple.

Simplicity doesn’t mean a lack of value. But the value you provide must come quickly, otherwise, people will lose interest.

And you’ve probably heard this multiple times: make sure your reels provide value.

But what is really value?

Value, as the user perceives it, is the degree to which a product or service improves their lives or satisfies a desire. It could be by educating, entertaining, making your audience feel understood, etc

Hack #7 - Let your personality shine

Competition for attention on reels is higher than ever as a result of more and more creators and businesses using reels as their main channel on Instagram.

For this reason, it’s more important than ever to let your personality shine through your content. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to show your face, but people need to feel connected to you in some way.

When they feel connected, they will want to watch your Reel until the end and share it, save it, comment it, LOVE it!

Some ways to let your personality shine include:

  • Using your own voice

  • Sharing your thoughts and opinions

  • Sharing your interests

  • Sharing your sense of humor (if you have any)

Alright! These were your not-so-typical REAL hacks to CRACK the Reels Algorithm & Get More Views!

If you want to take your short-form video content to the next level, doors to my Explode With Reels Course are open. This is the only Reels course that focuses on helping you grow your personal brand and your business, and not just on getting more views.

Because let's be real, would you rather have a viral business or a viral reel?


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