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The ultimate formula for organic growth on Instagram in 2023

Actualizado: 14 mar 2023

The ultimate formula for organic growth on Instagram in 2023

Organic growth on Instagram is not dead. In fact, it's more alive than ever!

You might have probably heard a lot of people complaining about growth, but at the same time, you're probably hearing a lot of people celebrating organic growth too.

So why this contradiction?

The reason is simple: the ones that are growing, know the formula for organic growth on Instagram.

What is this formula about?

It's more simple than you probably think. And no, it's nothing sketchy like bots.

And it's definitely not just only reels 😉

To grow on Instagram in 2021 you need to understand the five key elements of this formula:

1. Content

Content is King, and we all know how important it is when it comes to growing your presence.

Instagram was originally designed as a visual content app where people would share their pics, but now it's a completely different game.

Good visuals are definitely important because it is the first thing people will see.

But up to here, this is still only visual content for your followers.

You need to be able to connect with your audience at a deeper level and you can achieve this by showing your personality through your content.

You can show your personality in different ways like:

  • Writing great caption that connects and engage

  • Showing up on stories (and this doesn't necessarily mean you have to be showing your face)

By writing a great caption or showing your personality in stories, you can connect with your audience, share your knowledge, experiences, journey, etc

Through the caption and stories, you can educate, inspire, and entertain.

That personal story to go along with your visual content allows other creators to see your personality shine.

So while you should definitely work on your photography and content creation skills, working on your copywriting skills and showing your personality in your content are a MUST!

2. Consistency

Yes, I know you keep hearing this a lot. But it must be for a reason, right?

Consistency is probably the most repeated word online, and there's a reason for that.

Consistency is the pillar of organic growth.

When you are consistent with your content, showing your personality, using all features, etc your followers and potential followers see you as reliable and credible.

Oh and this makes the algorithm happy too 😉

It is in that reliability that they choose to follow you and engage with you.

Being consistent is key to success with anything in life and it's no different with Instagram.

Posting once a day for a month and then ghosting for two won't give you the results you want. No matter how amazing your content or shiny your personality is.

3. Branding & Values

Being consistent with your content also helps you to reinforce the recognition of your personal brand.

But how can creators reinforce their personal brand recognition?

  • Using the same presets

  • Using the same colors

  • Using the same fonts in your designs, blog, or website

  • Maintaining the same tone of voice in your captions and stories

And other branding elements help enhance brand recognition and result in organic growth.

Branding is what will make you stand out from other creators. Your voice and tone are what will keep you authentic.

You will also need to associate solid and relatable values with your personal brand/business.

This is what will help you attract other like-minded individuals that share your same values and mission, and how you will create your tribe.

Which takes us to the next step.

4. Community

If you don't have a community on Instagram, you won't be able to achieve any of your goals.

The community aspect on Instagram could translate to networking in real life. And you know what they say, your network is your net worth.

It's the same with Instagram.

By networking, you can communicate to a bigger audience and increase your presence. Which will then boost your organic growth.

There are many ways in which you can create a community on Instagram, some of them are:

  • Responding to people who comment on your content

  • Responding back with a comment

  • Engaging genuinely with other creators on their feeds. Treat them like real people.

  • Starting conversations in the DMs

  • Collaborating with other creators

Again, your content could be top-notch, but without a community of supporters, that share it, comment on it, and save it, it will never be seen by anyone.

5. Market Research

Ouch, this is the one thing that many creators who don't grow fail to do, and it is one of the most crucial elements of organic growth on Instagram.

By doing market research in your niche, you can identify your popular competitors’ strategies used on Instagram and finally understand why are they growing and you aren't.

Doing market research should be easier than it sounds. These are some of the things you should keep in mind:

  • What and when are your competitors posting?

  • What content is generating the most excitement, and what is not working at all?

  • How are your competitors engaging with their followers and audience?

  • Is there a gap in the market where you can jump in and have a competitive advantage?

Compare what you find to learn how you can do better with your Instagram profile.

Growing on Instagram is still possible, but it requires more than just good content. Content is just one part of the formula:

Great content (copywriting skills + your personality) + Consistency + Community + Branding & Values + Market Research = Organic Growth

You need to make sure you are ticking off each of the previous elements and aligning them with your strategy.

Are you ready to start putting implementing this formula and start crushing your Instagram goals?

I hope so!

PS. If you feel like you could do with an extra hand, join my Side Hustler to full-time creator course to level up your growth and income with social media.


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