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How To Make Money With AI: My AI-Driven Journey to Success

Make Money with AI: My AI-Driven Journey to Success

Did you ever wonder how a regular person trapped in a mundane 9-to-5 job transformed himself into a six-figure content creator? 

Spoiler alert: It involves a lot of setbacks, failures, and one heck of a ride. 

But you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that it also involved a lot of AI implementation, would you?  This is the continuation of the story of how I went from $20k/year to $100k/year which you can find here. But let me give you some context too.

My Journey: How to make money with AI

The Starting Line: Barcelona, 2017

It all started in Barcelona in 2017. I was working cramped in a tiny office where even air felt like a luxury. A 9-to-8 myth. And for what? A meager $20k a year. Yep, I was that person, selling my soul, overworking, dreams shelved in some forgotten corner.

The Wake-Up Call

One mundane day, the boss frowned upon me leaving on time and listening to music. That's when it hit me - I wasn't cut out for this. I craved creativity, freedom, and my own rules. So, I did the scariest and best thing ever: I quit. Just like that, I stepped into the unknown.

The Roller Coaster Ride

Fast forward to 2024 – it's been nearly six years since that event, and I wish I could say the journey has been simple. But it hasn't. It's been tougher than I imagined.

In 2022, everything seemed effortless, and I felt invincible. Yet, 2023 was a stark contrast. The year began on a sour note, and soon after, my business started losing money.

I was desperate. Launching several campaigns seemed like a good idea for a quick cash boost, but achieving my goals was a struggle. The whole experience was just too hard.

The Pivotal Moment - AI

Around that time, ChatGPT had everyone buzzing. I usually avoid following trends; I prefer to stand out, and perhaps you feel the same.

However, I was hitting a wall with my business—running low on creativity and feeling stuck.

That's when I dove into learning about ChatGPT. I explored other AI tools and signed up for training and workshops. Gradually, I began to fall in love with AI.

My First AI-powered Product Launch

I applied everything to my business, and within a few months, I expanded my content and online presence to over 8 channels without working harder. A close friend suggested I teach others how to do the same using AI.

Initially hesitant because of a different product idea, I eventually followed her expert advice, setting aside my stubbornness.

From scratch, I created a new program. ChatGPT assisted me in writing content, video scripts, sales page copy, marketing materials, and devising the launch strategy. A task that might have taken six months was completed in under three. This was for a very comprehensive program.

To be clear, ChatGPT didn't do everything. It simply made me more efficient, creative, and innovative. Thus, I launched the AI-powered Creatorpreneur Program, which generated five figures in sales. Finally, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

The feedback from this program was incredible! I felt incredibly happy and grateful to serve these amazing entrepreneurs and business owners during the months the program lasted.

My Second AI-powered Product Launch

And you know what they say, right? If something works for you. Double down.

So I did, I started working on my second AI-powered product. Since a lot of people were asking me how to use AI, specifically for Instagram, I knew that was my next move. 

That's how the AI-powered Guide for IG Content Mastery was born. Another product launch that was successful and that people loved!

How I make money with AI as a content creator

It's not just my products that have brought in money.

As a content creator, I've relied heavily on brand partnerships, and I've been fortunate to have a steady stream of them.

By expanding my content across various platforms, I could boost my rates. Instead of charging for just one Instagram Reel, I now offer packages that cover blog posts, email campaigns, YouTube videos, and workshops, which allows me to earn more!

The AI-Powered Creator-Preneur Mentorship Program is Officially open!

Reflecting on my journey, I saw a pattern. AI wasn't just a tool; it was a catalyst for transformation. This realization birthed the AI-Powered Creator-Preneur Mentorship Program. It's not just a course; it's a commitment to transform lives and businesses using AI.

What's In It for You?

In this program, you're not just learning strategies but gaining a partner in your entrepreneurial journey. I'm combining my real-life experiences with cutting-edge AI insights. 

We'll tackle everything from content creation to business scaling. It's tailor-made for creators and entrepreneurs ready to soar to six figures and beyond. Discover how to make money with AI as a creator-preneur.

Your Takeaway

If there's anything my journey taught me, it's that dreams are valid, setbacks are lessons, and AI is your best ally. The AI-powered Creator-Preneur Mentorship Program is more than just a course; it's a gateway to the future you've always dreamed of.

Ready to Transform Your World?

So, are you ready to dive into the world where AI and creativity merge to create magic? If you're nodding (or even if you're just curious), let's chat. 

The AI-Powered Creator-Preneur Mentorship Program is waiting for you. Click here to enroll.

Remember, every big journey starts with a simple decision. Let's make yours count!


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