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How to Make $10k a Month as a Content Creator

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Digital Products on Instagram

How to Make $10k a Month as a Content Creator

Is It Possible To Make $10,000 As A Content Creator On Instagram Selling Digital Products?

Monetizing your Instagram presence with low-ticket digital products is one of the best ways to start generating a consistent income. These products are easy to create, appealing to a broad audience, and capable of generating anywhere from $1k to $10k (or even more) extra every month, regardless of your audience size. This guide will walk you through the process, from product creation to effective selling techniques, ensuring you can hit your income goals with ease.

But First Thing’s First, Let’s Talk About What Are Low-Ticket Digital Products

Low-ticket digital products, priced between $7 and $299, are accessible for most of your audience. These products are perfect for Instagram content creators looking to monetize their platforms effectively, without having to put in too much effort to create a bigger program. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

Templates: Design templates for social media posts, email newsletters, or other digital needs. They save time for your audience and offer a ready-to-use solution.

Ebooks: Short, informative books that address a specific problem or topic. They are a great way to share your expertise and provide value in a concise format.

Challenges: Structured programs that guide participants through a specific task or goal over a set period. They are engaging and foster a sense of community among participants.

Mini-Courses: Compact courses offering valuable knowledge in a short timeframe, often with video lessons and worksheets. These are highly valued because they provide in-depth learning in a convenient format.

Among these, mini-courses often stand out due to their comprehensive nature and the higher perceived value they offer to buyers.

5 Steps to Make $1k - $10k Per Month on Instagram with Low-Ticket Digital Products

1. Step #1 Is To Create Your Digital Product

Start by identifying a need within your niche that you can address with a digital product. It could be a template that you already use in your business, an ebook that solves one specific problem, or what I did with the IG AI-ccelerator, a mini-course that shares a step-by-step process to help my audience achieve their desired goal, which is to grow on Instagram.. AI tools like ChatGPT can help you brainstorm ideas and start creating the outline for your digital product.

If you want to give it a go, use this ChatGPT prompt:

“I’m a [your role, eg. creator, coach, entrepreneur] looking to develop new digital products tailored to my business's specific needs and my customer base. I want these products to be innovative, align perfectly with my brand, and deliver substantial value to my customers. To help me brainstorm, please generate a list of 10 unique digital product ideas considering the following details for each idea:

Product Name: A catchy and descriptive name for the digital product.

Target Audience: Identify the specific customer segment (e.g., age, profession, interests) this product is designed for.

Unique Value Proposition: Explain what sets this product apart from competitors and why it would be a compelling choice for the target audience.

Key Features: List 2-3 innovative features that highlight the product's uniqueness and functionality.

Potential Challenges: Point out one potential challenge in developing or marketing this product and propose a strategic solution


My business operates in the [insert your business domain, e.g., 'health and wellness', 'digital marketing', 'education technology'] sector, and my primary customer base consists of [describe your target audience, e.g., 'young professionals looking to enhance their skills', 'parents interested in children’s educational apps', etc.]. Please ensure the product ideas are tailored to fit these criteria."

2. Step #2 Is To Build Your Offer

Packaging your product is crucial. It is how you’ll enhance its perceived value by adding bonuses, resources, or exclusive content. Tactics like urgency and scarcity can also hep you drive sales. For example, offer limited-time bonuses or exclusive access to a private community.

Bonuses: Add supplementary materials such as checklists, worksheets, or additional trainings.

Resources: Provide exclusive resources like private webinars, one-on-one coaching sessions, or access to a private Facebook group.

Urgency and Scarcity: Create limited-time offers or limited availability to encourage quick purchases.

3. Step #3 Is To Create Your Launch Plan

A successful launch requires a strategic plan. Warm up your audience through a pre-pre-launch phase, creating anticipation and excitement. Utilize a multi-channel approach that includes long-form content like a blog, YouTube channel, Podcast, and email, leveraging various content types to engage your audience. During the launch, ensure your content moves your audience from “I don't know what this is” to “I need this in my life right now.”

Pre-Pre Launch Phase: Start by teasing the product and sharing behind-the-scenes content to build curiosity. Use your long-form content to start building momentum.

Pre-Launch Phase: Create educational content that highlights the problem your product solves without talking about any product yet. Here, your goal is to bust myths, address limiting beliefs, and inspire your audience. Your long-form content is what will continue doing the hard work for you.

Launch Phase: Plan content that directly promotes the product through transformational content, testimonials, case studies, and solution-aware content. Use Instagram Stories, Reels, posts, lives, and broadcast channels to reach your audience and drive engagement.

4. Step #4 Is To Keep Selingl Every Day

Once your launch period is over, that doesn't mean you stop selling! If you want to see consistent $1k to $10k months from your digital products you need to sell every day. Luckily, Instagram allows you to mention your product in many different ways and from many different placements.

Instagram Stories: Share daily updates, testimonials, and behind-the-scenes content related to your product.

Reels: Create engaging video content that demonstrates the value of your product and how it can benefit your audience.

Lives: Go live to talk about the problem your product solves and invite people to chat with you. Lives are one of the best places to sell!

Posts: Regularly post content that highlights different aspects of your product and its benefits.

5. Step #5 Is To Have A DM Strategy

Most of your sales will come from your DMs so you should be working on having a solid DM strategy. I use DM automation to drive people to my DMs and that's where I make most of my sales from IG, both for my low-ticket and high-ticket products.

Spend more time building relationships with prospects in the DMs. They might not buy right away, but if you’re being genuine and helpful, they will buy eventually.

Wrapping Up: How to make $10k a month as a content creator

Wondering how to make $10k a month as a content creator? Monetizing your Instagram with low-ticket digital products is an accessible and effective way to achieve consistent $1k to $10k months. By creating valuable products, strategically launching them, and maintaining daily sales efforts, you can build a sustainable income stream. 

Shall We Work Together?

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