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10 Digital Product Ideas For Content Creators To Make Money On Instagram

Actualizado: 28 jul 2023

10 Digital product ideas for content creators to make money on instagram

There has never been a better time to monetize your content creation skills by launching digital products. Whether you're an aspiring content creator or have already built a small audience online, you can start selling digital products and generate income. In this blog post, we'll explore why now is the opportune moment to venture into this lucrative market. The best part? You don't need a massive audience to get started.

To succeed in selling digital products, it's crucial to have a multi-channel brand presence across various platforms. Establishing yourself on platforms such as a blog, YouTube, email marketing, Instagram, TikTok, and more allows you to increase the number of touchpoints your audience has with your content and offerings. By expanding your reach, you can attract a wider audience and build trust and credibility by establishing yourself as a trusted expert in your niche.

Let's dive into the top ten digital product ideas for content creators that you can leverage to make money.

10 digital product ideas for content creators to make money on Instagram

E-book Guides

Compile your knowledge and expertise into an e-book guide that provides valuable insights and actionable tips. Whether it's a guide on photography techniques, video editing hacks, or content creation strategies, offer your audience an in-depth resource that they can purchase and refer to for enhancing their skills.

Pros: Provides in-depth knowledge, easy to create and distribute, passive income potential.

Cons: Requires strong writing skills, may need to invest time in marketing and promotion, may face competition in saturated niches.


Diving into the world of educational products, consider offering mini-courses as an alternative to full-length online courses. While online courses provide comprehensive and in-depth learning experiences, mini-courses offer condensed versions of specific topics or skills. These bite-sized courses are designed to deliver focused and actionable content, making them ideal for those who prefer a more concise and targeted learning approach.

Pros: Focused and actionable content, shorter time commitment for both creator and learner, higher perceived value.

Cons: Need to ensure concise and effective delivery, may require additional resources for video production, may need to balance pricing to ensure affordability.

Online Courses

Take your expertise to the next level by creating comprehensive online courses. Develop a curriculum that guides your audience through a specific topic or skill, providing them with valuable lessons, exercises, and feedback. Video tutorials, worksheets, and quizzes can enhance the learning experience and make your course even more valuable.

Pros: Comprehensive learning experience, potential for high revenue, establishes expertise and credibility.

Cons: Requires substantial time and effort to create, may need additional resources for course production, higher pricing may limit accessibility.

Template Packs

Save your fellow content creators time and effort by offering ready-to-use template packs. These can include social media post templates, story templates, video intro templates, or even website design templates. Provide customization options, allowing your audience to personalize the templates according to their brand.

Pros: Time-saving for customers, customizable for different niches, recurring sales potential.

Cons: May face competition in popular niches, regular updates and additions necessary to stay relevant, may require design skills or outsourcing.

Preset Collections

If you have a keen eye for photography or videography, create and sell preset collections. These pre-configured settings for editing software like Lightroom or Photoshop can help others achieve a consistent and professional look for their visuals. Offer various preset styles to cater to different aesthetics and genres.

Pros: Enhances visual aesthetics, time-saving for customers, potential for passive income.

Cons: Requires strong photography or videography skills, may face competition in popular niches, regular updates necessary to meet evolving trends.

Monthly Memberships & Subscriptions

Build a community around your content by offering exclusive monthly memberships. Provide members with access to premium content, live Q&A sessions, behind-the-scenes footage, and personalized support. By nurturing a loyal community, you can create a recurring revenue stream and establish a strong connection with your audience.

Pros: Builds a loyal community, recurring revenue stream, exclusive content and benefits.

Cons: Requires ongoing content creation, continuous engagement to retain members, may need to invest in a membership platform.

Branding Packages

Help fellow content creators establish a strong and visually appealing brand identity with branding packages. Include logo designs, color palettes, font recommendations, and social media templates. Tailor the packages to suit different niches and provide customization options to cater to individual branding needs.

Pros: Helps others establish a strong brand identity, customization opportunities, and potential for higher-priced offerings.

Cons: Requires design skills or outsourcing, may face competition from established branding agencies, time-intensive for personalized packages.

Stock Media Bundles

Leverage your content creation skills to create and sell stock media bundles. These can include high-quality images, videos, illustrations, or audio tracks that others can use in their own projects. Focus on niche-specific bundles to cater to the unique needs of different industries or themes.

Pros: Addresses a common need, passive income potential, customizable for different industries or themes.

Cons: Requires high-quality content creation, competition from established stock media platforms, and regular additions necessary to maintain value.

Virtual Workshops & Recordings

Host virtual workshops on topics related to content creation, such as storytelling, photography techniques, or social media strategies. Conduct live sessions where participants can learn directly from you, ask questions, and receive personalized guidance. Offer both one-time workshops and longer workshop series for more in-depth learning. Once the workshop has ended, you can sell the recording for a lower price.

Pros: Live interaction and personal guidance, higher-priced offerings, and recordings provide additional revenue opportunities.

Cons: Requires planning and promotion for live workshops, technical considerations for online delivery, may need to balance pricing to ensure affordability.

Digital Printables

Tap into the demand for printable resources by creating digital printables such as planners, calendars, trackers, or worksheets. Design visually appealing and functional templates that cater to specific needs, such as social media content planning, goal setting, or productivity tracking.

Pros: High demand for printable resources, a wide range of customization options, and passive income potential.

Cons: Requires design skills or outsourcing, competition in popular printable categories, and regular additions necessary to meet customer needs.

To get started with selling digital products as a content creator, begin with thorough market research. Understand the needs and preferences of your target audience to create products that resonate with them. Remember, you don't need a massive following to start generating income. Focus on delivering value and building strong relationships with your existing audience.

If you're ready to take the next steps and learn how to create and promote your first digital product, I've got you covered. Check out my step-by-step guide, where I walk you through the process of creating and marketing digital products as a content creator. Start monetizing your skills and passion today and unlock the profit potential of the digital product market.


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