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Clubhouse App: Is it time for content creators to make Clubhouse a home?

Clubhouse App for Content Creators

Clubhouse App has been in the mouth of many Instagram content creators and Influencers for the last few weeks. It's the latest social media app that works as an audio-only app where people from all around the world can join chats on different topics and subjects.

What makes Clubhouse really unique is not only the fact that it is currently an invite-only app which runs only on iOS, but that it provides its users with authentic, high-quality content from experts and professionals in different fields.

I know some of you still don't know what Clubhouse App is or how it works so I am going to try and break it down as much as possible.

What is Clubhouse and how does it work?

What is Clubhouse App and how does it work

Clubhouse was first launched in April 2020, but it didn't see a rise in popularity until the beginning of 2021 reaching 2 million active members per week. But why this sudden rise? Because many influential people, including Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, have joined the platform and have been joining conversations.

Clubhouse is a live audio app that allows people to listen or even actively participate in chats around a wide variety of topics including social media marketing, Instagram growth, Pinterest strategies, how to make money as a content creator, and many more.

Some people have called it an interactive podcast since it gives other people outside the panel of moderators the chance to join the conversation and ask questions or give insights related to that topic.

The cool thing is that you can join a conversation without having to speak. You can basically just listen while doing other things.

How do I get invited to Clubhouse?

As I already mentioned, Clubhouse App is an invite-only platform that only works on iOS. To get invited, someone who is already a member must send you an invitation through the app. Keep in mind that that person needs to have your phone number in their contacts as the invitation goes out through SMS.

How do I find other people on Clubhouse?

When you open the Clubhouse app, it will show you some recommendations of people to connect with. However, you can also tap on the magnifying glass or explore page on the top left corner and you can either search for a person or see more recommendations from Clubhouse.

What are Clubhouse rooms?

What are Clubhouse rooms and how do they work

Rooms are basically where the conversations or chats take place. There can be private or public rooms. Every time you open the app the first thing you see are the rooms that are taking place at that time. Those rooms are based on the people and clubs that you follow. You will also find trending rooms and scheduled rooms for the coming days.

There are hundreds of Clubhouse rooms taking place every day. I have heard some content creators saying that they dislike Clubhouse since it's hard for them to find an interesting room.

Clubhouse behaves like any other social media app, so the more time you spend on it and the more people related to your niche you follow, the more the algorithm will get to know your interests, and will therefore start making better room suggestions.

How do Clubhouse rooms work?

Every Clubhouse room is hosted by a moderator and co-moderators. They are in charge of welcoming guests to the stage, refreshing the room every 15 minutes for the new people joining the room, and for making sure the guidelines and rules are being followed.

Every time you join a room you enter as an audience member to listen to the moderators and other guests in the panel. If you wish to say something or ask a question you can raise your hand and the hosts will invite you up to the stage. If you wish to leave the room, you can tap on the peace icon ✌️

What is the difference between a Room and a Club?

Unlike rooms that can be created by any user, a club is a space where more intimate conversations take place. Clubs are certainly more exclusive than rooms. In order to create a Club, it is required that you host recurring chats with the same thematic for at least 3 weeks. Applying for a Club doesn't mean that you will get it approved.

Should content creators have their eyes on Clubhouse App?

Should content creators have their eyes on Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is currently having that novelty hype and many content creators are growing their network of contacts through this app. Networking is extremely important for digital and creative entrepreneurs to meet other industry professionals and create long-term relationships with mutual benefits.

One of the reasons why Clubhouse has become so popular in 2021 is because creators can network with other creators around the world. Especially since 'real' networking events can't take place as a result of Covid-19.

What are the pros of Clubhouse?

What are the pros of Clubhouse App
  • Clubhouse allows content creators to join chats where they can use their skills (photography, videography, content writing, blogging, etc) to provide value to other people. This certainly helps to position yourself as an expert and develop real-world connections that could lead to potential business.

  • You can discover new content creators within your niche that you might have probably never discovered in Instagram's saturated space.

  • If you're a small content creator you can get top-notch tips and advice from big names in your niche.

  • There is currently no messaging tool on Clubhouse which means that any private conversation has to be taken to an external platform, most likely Instagram.

  • You can add as much info as you want to your bio which allows for more creative bios, sharing all your services, etc

  • You can keep up with the current trends in your industry.

  • There is no fake engagement like other social media platforms. People that join and participate in chats are providing real value and creating genuine social engagement that can result in expanding your audience within your niche with authentic conversations.

What are the cons of Clubhouse?

What are the cons of Clubhouse App
  • Not all content creators have the facility to openly speak in public and this is an issue for the hundreds of thousands of introverted content creators that are extremely talented but are probably too shy to join any chat or discussion.

  • Conversations aren't recorded so this creates a feeling of FOMO for many users.

  • It is quite easy to fall on a rabbit-hole and you might end up spending hours in the app without even noticing.

  • Once it rolls out to Android and it stops being an invite-only app, the quality of the rooms will most likely decrease.

  • There are still lots of improvements to be made regarding privacy policy and how it access all the contacts on your phone list. There are people on your contact list that you might not want to see or follow on Clubhouse!

  • It is quite hard to delete an account!

  • There have been moderation concerns and issues with its capacity to handle racism and harassment.

  • Other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are joining the race with new features like Twitter's audio Spaces feature.

Should you be joining Clubhouse?

I am letting you make your own conclusions with this. In my opinion, it is a great tool for extroverted content creators. It is great for creative or digital entrepreneurs who want to increase their network of contacts and perhaps get some new leads or clients for their business. It is a great platform for learning from the best experts out there for your personal and professional growth.

However, it is hard to tell where this social media app is heading in this competitive landscape where big names are always trying to crush down new competitors.

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