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My BOLD Instagram Predictions for Creators & Entrepreneurs in 2023

Actualizado: 16 mar 2023

My BOLD Instagram Predictions for Creators & Entrepreneurs in 2023

2022 was such a positive year for Instagram creators, and now it’s time to predict what will come for creators in 2023.

Here are my top 7 predictions that every creator and entrepreneur should consider for 2023.

Number 1 - Creators will continue to be more vulnerable in front of their audiences.

This will help them establish a deeper connection with them. 2023 will be all about community, and authenticity.

Expect to see more raw moments from your favorite creators, more difficult times instead of just the “good times”, and maybe more tears, heartbreaks, etc People will start seeing their creators as real friends instead of “Instagrammers”.

Number 2 - More creators will step into a business owner role and the focus will shift from growing a following to growing a business.

This means more and more people will start launching their own products, programs, and services, besides the typical brand partnerships.

Basically, anyone with a valuable skill will be able to offer it to their audiences in different forms. Creators will start to build multiple streams of income that will turn them into full-time entrepreneurs.

Number 3 - Less focus on metrics and more focus on impact.

With the massive drop in reach we saw in 2022, creators realized that this was completely out of their control, regardless of the quality of their content.

Many have already started to shift towards more intangible things like the impact they have on their audience.

This ties in well with my previous prediction because as entrepreneurs and business owners with their own products and services, their main goal will be to impact, change, and transform lives positively. We will see a more audience and community-based ecosystem and less ego-based.

Number 4 - Static posts will make a comeback.

Competition for attention has increased and now static posts will be the formats that break the pattern from so much video.

In fact, many creators have already started to see great results from static posts like Carousels and Single posts.

Back in the summer, Mosseri said they had gone a bit too far with “video recommendations” and pushing reels, so it makes a lot of sense that static posts have started to gain traction again.

Remember, you should have a mix of different formats because they all serve a unique purpose in your strategy, plus not all users like to watch videos or read. So the more formats you create the more people you can serve.

Number 5 - That doesn’t mean Reels won’t continue to dominate.

However, the type of Reels will change. 2020 and 2021 were all about trends, lip-sync, pointing reels, and dancing.

In 2022, we started to see more people using their own voice to create original content like vlogs, day in the life, educational reels, or even thought-provoking reels.

We can expect to see this tendency to continue in 2023 but even more real and authentic stories from brands, businesses, celebrities, and creators all using their voices to stand out and create out-of-the-box reels.

Number 6 - UGC creators will dominate the industry.

User-generated content keeps growing and brands are noticing how important it is to humanize their message, what better way than with real people that aren’t celebrities?

So many talented creators have started to create high-quality UGC but keep it authentic and raw.

More and more small creators that are very good at creating videos will start focusing on this part of the creator economy. So if you’re thinking about starting as a UGC creator, this is the right time

Number 7 - Creators will start expanding and diversifying to other platforms like YouTube.

Especially since they will start monetizing shorts in Feb.

After the huge shutdown Meta had back in October, many creators have realized the importance of having a backup plan.

Whether this is building an email list, or having a digital presence in other channels, this year we’ll see more people branching out.

My guess is that YouTube shorts will be the main platform since its algorithm is still quite new, making it very easy to reach new people, and also because as I said they will start paying creators for their shorts.

To repurpose all my content, I use Metricool, which allows me to post to all my social media platforms from one single dashboard.

That’s why repurposing your video content to other platforms will be key.

The best part? Metricool is 100% free, but you can get 30 days of their premium plan with advanced analytics, competitor research, and more!

Just click here and use the code: CREATORACADEMY to get your free premium plan.

Alright, creators, those were my 7 predictions for 2023. Let me know if the comments what you think about them and if you agree or disagree.


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