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How Often to Post on Instagram in 2024: 10 Lessons from 90 Reels in 30 Days with a New Account (Part 2)

how often to post on Instagram in 2024

Hey friend! If you missed last week’s blog, I shared my 5 biggest insights after posting 90 Reels in 30 days and people are raving about them. Today, I will share the next 5 lessons to answer one of the most common questions: How often to post on Instagram in 2024?

So let’s keep going!

10 Key Learnings from Posting 90 Reels in 30 Days

6. Posting Time Doesn't Matter

Now, this discovery was a game-changer.

For the longest time, I always stressed out about having to post at a specific time, otherwise my posts wouldn't reach as many people which will result in my post tanking.

For this new account, I started posting one reel in the morning, one at midday, and another one in the late afternoon. I stuck to this for like a week or two and after that I started posting whenever I could.

What I found out is that posting at different times each day didn’t affect the reach. In fact, all posts were getting more or less the same initial reach and engagement and those that went viral started to get traction days and even weeks later.

This flexibility helps debunk the myth that specific posting times are crucial for achieving better engagement on Instagram.

7. Importance of DM Conversations

I know you might be wondering about engagement. Engagement is indeed crucial to build relationships with others in your industry but also with your potential clients. This doesn't mean you have to be stuck for hours with "fake engagement" commenting just for the sake of it.

I've switched my approach to engage more in the DMs with future clients rather than spending time in the comments. (Again, I'm not saying you shouldn't spend time engaging in the comments)

Direct interactions in DMs are more influential than general feed engagement. Spending time building relationships through direct messaging is a highly effective engagement strategy, especially if your goal is to get more clients from Instagram.

8. Viral Potential Beyond Immediate Engagement

Another lesson learned from this experiment was that early engagement levels (likes, comments, saves, and shares) do not always predict long-term success. 

This goes a bit against what Instagram coaches (myself included) had taught in the past about having to spend at least 15 min before and 15 min after to "boost" your post. While being active before and after can help, it won't influence whether or not your posts will go viral.

With my new account, some posts that initially received few interactions eventually went viral, highlighting that persistence and content quality matter more than engagement.

9. Focusing Solely on Reels Works

Another busted myth that goes against to what I preached in the past. 

As an Instagram Marketer, I understand the importance of having a omni-format strategy that includes not only reels but also carousels, single posts, lives, etc

However, for this experiment I concentrated only on Reels and ignoring other formats did not deter growth. 

It's crucial to remember that each Reel type serves a different strategic purpose and while I only posted Reels, I did post different types of Reels including attention grabbing Reels, Nurture & Positioning Reels, and conversion-focused Reels.

Make sure to check out this blog post on the four key types of content you need to be creating on Instagram. This applies to Reels too!

10. Effective Use of Consistent Hashtags

I left everyone's favorte topic for last... the hashtag talk! Should you use them, should you ignore them?

I chose to use them but I used the same hashtags with every post. Changing only 1 or 2 to make them super relevant to the post and I wasn't penalized or shadow banned.

Repeating the same set of hashtags across different posts aids in maintaining content consistency, helping the algorithm categorize and showcase your content more effectively to the intended audience.

Wrapping Up

How often to post on Instagram in 2024

After posting 90 Reels in 30 days, the results are clear: strategic, consistent content tailored to your audience can drive significant growth on Instagram. The lessons learned from this experiment are invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their presence on the platform in 2024.


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