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What is MRR? Everything You Need To Know About Master Resell Rights

Master Resell Rights (MRR)

What the F is MRR? You’ve probably seen and heard this buzzword everywhere in the past couple of months all over social media

 But what is really this new “trend”

Basically, it’s a course, and sometimes other digital products too, that have been created by a group of experts who packed all their knowledge into a course that teaches you everything you need in one week so you can become a millionaire overnight. 

Okay, just kidding! 

But in all seriousness, you’re probably wondering what this really is and if it’s really worth it.

That’s what I’ll be sharing in today’s video blog post along with my opinion about it and the real experience from multiple people who have joined multiple MRR courses.

So, let’s get started!

What is MRR?

MRR stands for master resell rights, which basically means you buy a digital product online that gives you the full rights to resell it for 100% of the profits.

It’s basically a done-for-you business model.

The product and the strategy are done entirely for you, which means you can be a complete beginner and still make your first dollars online.

I remember last summer, a friend of mine who used to sell digital courses told me she was getting into digital marketing with done-for-you digital products and that she had already made $4k in two weeks since starting.

Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to it because I am an advocate of creating my own products, based on my own experiences, learnings, and so on

What I didn’t know was that that thing she told me about would become one of the biggest trends of 2024 (or should I say industry?) The number of online entrepreneurs selling MRR products keeps increasing by the minute.

Why has MRR become so popular in 2024? 

It’s an easy “escape out” from the 9-5, the corporate world, the stay-at-home, the retired or soon-to-be-retired to make extra income from the comfort of their home.

Now, please know there is nothing wrong with wanting to make extra income from home. That’s literally why I started my online business too.

As I mentioned, everything is pretty much set for you. All you have to do is follow the exact steps they share inside of the course and you could start making money really fast.

In fact, that is exactly how it is advertised, especially by the bigger names in the industry. Make money fast. Actually, make millions fast.

And while I’m not saying that’s not possible, I wouldn’t want to believe they’re making it up, the reality is that it’s not that easy for 99% of the others.

So most of the people who join these courses are in some way sold to through false expectations.

Again, I’m not saying everyone selling MRR products is doing this. There are people who are actually extremely genuine and honest and they’re still making good money.

Also, most people buying into these courses lack the knowledge and authority to effectively market the products they've purchased.

Is MRR sustainable? 

Now, the one-million-dollar question. Is this business model sustainable?

Yes and no.

From what I’ve heard, these courses do teach you high-income skills like digital marketing, content creation, funnel setup, etc This gives the tools and skills to so many people to start their online businesses and pursue their goals of retiring, quitting their jobs, starting a side-hustle, and so on.

But my question is, what happens when everyone is selling the exact same product?

Where is the room for authenticity and originality?

My experience from speaking with students who have been part of different MRR courses

Now, I want to share with you my opinion on this whole MRR thing…

A couple of months ago I posted this video where I talked about a reel I found from this girl who claimed that she had made 3.1 million dollars in 9 months while working 2h per day only because she took one week to learn digital marketing with a course that she was obviously selling and one person commented this:

“Omg yes, I know that program! I was in it! I had to leave bc of the misleading marketing and false claims. The whole course and community is a big scam. Almost as bad as LM! I left and spoke up about it on tt. Worst experience of my life. The truth is so many of them are hopping to the next shiny new course telling people this is better than the past but the only reason they make a quick buck is the misleading marketing! I honestly can’t stand it.”

On the other hand, as I mentioned before, I know the sweetest and most genuine people who are also promoting MRR courses, and here’s what they have to say:

“So I'm someone who got into this whole space and had my eyes opened to the opportunity of monetizing social media thanks to the Roadmap course with MRR. And right now I've made money in this space selling courses with MRR... I think there is a LOT of ick in this space a lot of dishonesty and just gross marketing tactics. I think it's also a really unique opportunity to allow people to understand how this space works without having to know immediately what kind of products they would want to create. I also think that if anyone wants to be successful in this space long term, at some point you will have to expand with your own digital products/pivot away from MRR.”

Now, that is not the only person I know who hasn’t been satisfied with what they’ve been sold.

One of my students came to me a while ago because she had bought multiple MRR courses and she felt completely lost when it came to creating the content to promote these courses.

The problem here is that most people who get into this done-for-you-business model are not digital marketers, nor do they want to become one…

But they find themselves “trapped” into this business model that only works if they sell that specific course.

Now, that doesn’t mean, they can’t take everything they learned and apply it to their own brand and business.

With my student, we found that the real passion was motherhood and so we started building her own personal brand from scratch.

Now she’s going to be able to apply the digital marketing skills she learned to something she’s really passionate about.

So, to wrap up…

Is MRR good or bad? Honestly, in my opinion, both!

These courses are good because they teach you high-income skills that everyone should master these days.

But the whole way in which they bring people in doesn’t seem very ethical to me.

Also, many people are quitting their real passion and skills to do digital marketing because they want to achieve the same level of success as the people selling them the course.

It creates a lot of expectations, which leads to frustrations because they can’t get to see those fast results, which leads to burnout, depression, etc

And then, what happens when everyone is selling the same course?

In conclusion, should you do MRR or not? That is your call and I hope that if you were considering it, this blog gave you more clarity.

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