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Imagine finally going from ZERO to HERO on Instagram


How to finally overcome inconsistency, grow a community of superfans, skyrocket your engagement, and turn your content into $$$... without posting every day


You know that to grow & sell more on Instagram you need to show up consistently. There’s only ONE problem: you have no idea what to post, when to post, and where to post it...

You know you’re an expert. You know you’re better than others in your niche. Yet, they’re crushing it on Instagram and you’re not. They are growing their audiences with superfans, their engagement is off the roof, and their comment section is always filled with people saying “take my money”.


They’re enjoying the success that comes from Instagram, while you’re still doubting your next post and feeling overly frustrated because the algorithm decided to show the only post you did one week ago to ten people.

Here’s the thing: You’re not an Instagram content strategist. Instagram & Content ARE NOT your zone of genius. All you need is someone that can take you by the hand and help you turn your expertise into powerful content that attracts your ideal audience, stands out from the masses, and converts them to superfans and loyal customers.

"I was able to monetize my Instagram and get paid enrollments to my bootcamp for online teachers"

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Kinga Czernik| Online Teacherpreneur and Teacher Coach


With the IG Content Club, you can finally take the stress and overwhelm off Instagram and content creation and focus on what you do best, while your content & strategy are done for you. Every single week.

Say goodbye to...

🙅Feeling overwhelmed and defeated with how poorly your content performs,  blaming the algorithm, and thinking to yourself: “that’s it, I quit Instagram”


🙅… wrecking your brain and spending HOURS on creating one post, just to find out it flops… again!


🙅… always feeling like your content doesn’t represent or measure up to the quality of your services or your expertise

🙅Refreshing Instagram every 2 minutes to see if there are new DMs from people interested in your offers to only find out messages from people trying to sell YOU something instead

Instead, you'll...

🥳… wake up to your notifications blowing up from people liking, commenting, sharing, and LOVING your content

🥳… put on your headphones, turn on your favorite song, and batch ALL your content for the week in less than 1h


🥳… feel confident and at ease knowing that your content converts strangers into superfans and paying clients like it’s magic (maybe it is 😏)  

🥳… attract a community of people dying to slide into your DM’s with messages like “I’m in” or “take my money now”

"I love the amount of constant ideas that Juan shares with us on a weekly basis"

Alma Rivierae - Weightloss Coach


Your proven method of creating highly engaging and converting content for Instagram FAST

MockUp ICC.png

Including over 100 simple, plug-and-play content prompts for static posts and Reels (newly added every week), designs templates, weekly trending audio reports, monthly IG trainings, and so much more…

The only thing standing between you and a successful Instagram is not the algorithm. It’s the lack of highly engaging content created strategically to move the needle in your business.

Here’s your step-by-step plan to create highly engaging content that your audience will love, save, share, and come back for more.

The Content Supervault

MockUps ICC - Content Vault.png
  • Over 100 content prompts for Reels & static posts (new ones added every week)

  • Plug-and-play scripts for Reels & Carousels

  • Caption templates for each prompt

  • Design templates 

  • Examples & other relevant links 

The IG Mastery Vault

MockUps ICC - IG mastery.png

Monthly trainings to help you:

  • Level up your Instagram growth strategy

  • Grow your business & make more sales

  • Create content that stands out and buildan irresistible, memorable brand

  • New expert guests every quarter

Reels Trend Report

MockUps ICC - Trend Report.png

We source for you: 

  • 7 weekly trending audio for you (less than 10k Reels)

  •  Tips & ideas for any niche

  • Hooks to use with each audio

  • Links to Instagram templates 

The Tutorial Lab

MockUps ICC - Tutorial Lab.png

Does your video content suck? Choose between a collection of:

  • Editing tutorials on CapCut and InShot

  • Transition video tutorials for your Reels  

  • New tutorials are added every month.

The Template Collection

The Template Collection.png

Get instant access to a collection of templates for carousels and infographics designed to:


  • Make your posts POP in your follower’s feeds

  • Increase your engagement

  • Increase brand recognition.

  • New templates are added every week!

Group coaching with private community

MockUps ICC - Facebook Group.png

Join the private member’s community and:

  • Get direct access to ME to ask me anything related to Instagram & Business Growth

  • Access monthly hot-seat coaching with Q&A

  • Connect with other creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners 

And these juicy bonuses just for you...

Instagram Insights Tracker

MockUps ICC (1).jpg

Learn how to track and optimize your content by tracking your insights with this easy-to-use Google sheet that will calculate EVERYTHING for you!

Full Profile Audit

MockUps ICC (2).jpg

Get a personalized full profile video audit to make the improvements your profile needs to explode!

*Only for the yearly plan

By joining the IG Content Club, you can expect to grow your audience and engagement, and once you do, these are the results you’re going to get...


Is this you?

✔️  Do you sit down to “finally” batch create your content for the week, but just end up staring at a blank screen for hours?

✔️  Are you wrecking your brain for hours, weeks, and months trying to find engaging, fun, cool ways to create posts that describe what you do and sell but every time you post you get 5 likes and a comment from user3452 telling you “DM for collab”?

✔️ Are you worried that your lack of consistency on Instagram is going to “piss off” the algorithm and keep cutting even more the low reach that you have, affecting your business and sales?

✔️ The few posts that you’re putting out don’t measure up to your expertise and you’re scared this might affect your reputation and make you look ‘unprofessional’...

✔️ Would you LOVE to just go about your day while you head to your yoga class or pick up your favorite smoothie and feel accomplished because your content has been done for you, your engagement is exploding, and your DM’s full of people dying to work with you?

The IG Content Club is the fast pass to ditch inconsistency for GOOD and grow your audience & business with stand-out, unique, high-quality content. Without the stress, the hassle, or the overwhelm.

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 12.08.38.png
IMG_2315 2.jpg

This is what's included

✔️  The Content Supervault with over 100 content prompts for Reels & static posts (new ones added every week), with detailed instructions, and plug-and-play scripts and templates (valued at $397)

✔️  7 weekly trending audio for you (less than 10k Reels) with tips, ideas, hooks, and examples (valued at $97)

✔️ Monthly editing or transition video tutorials to spice up your video content for Reels, stories, and TikTok (valued at $197)

✔️ Weekly new templates for carousels and infographics designed to make your posts POP in your follower’s feeds, and increase your engagement, and brand recognition (valued at $197)

✔️ Monthly trainings to help you understand how Instagram really works, including guest expert speakers! (valued at $997)

✔️ P
rivate member’s community to connect with other creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners and get direct access to ME and the monthly hot-seat coaching! (valued at $597)


✔️ Learn how to track and optimize your content by tracking your insights with this easy-to-use Google sheet that will calculate EVERYTHING for you! (valued at $97)

✔️Get instant access to my top-selling course to learn master short-form video content like a pro! *Only for the yearly plan (valued at $197)

✔️ Get a personalized full profile video audit to make the improvements your profile needs to explode! *Only for the yearly plan (valued at $297)

Total value: $3,073

Get it today for:



  • Monthly Membership Access

  • training portal

  • Private support for members-only community

  • Cancel anytime

Yearly - Best offer


  • Save two months

  • Annual membership access

  • Members-only online training portal

  • Private support for members-only community



  • Instagram Profile Audit

  • Explode With Reels Course

That’s all great,
but how is the IG Content Club different from other IG programs out there?


It’s not a course, it’s a monthly membership with plug-n’-play content and design templates and community support! 

You don’t want to spend hours learning about Instagram strategy & content creation, you want to create high-quality content that converts so you can use it for your business, sign more clients, sell more offers, and make more money.


Goodbye overwhelm and creative block 
I’m not paralyzing you by offering you 400 gazillion different options that leave you confused and overwhelmed. You get the templates, you get tutorials, you get fill-in-the-blank writing prompts, and monthly trainings broken down into snackable video lessons to master Instagram (feel free to skip whatever you feel confident about.


You won’t be doing this alone!
You don’t have to do this “Instagram thing” on your own. I’m offering private
 coaching to all the members inside the private community, where you not only get access to me and monthly hot seats & Q&A’s but also to 200+ entrepreneurs like you, with your same goals and struggles, where you’ll feel part of a tribe of people that will support you and elevate you.

"The support from everyone in this community is a great motivation for me"

Photos for testimonials (1).png

Allison Clark| Videographer


Are you ready to beat inconsistency, create high-quality content that stands out from your competitors, grow a community of superfans, and make more sales for your business?

Meet your coach!

Hey, I'm Juan

Not too long ago I was struggling with Instagram too and I was lacking the motivation and ideas to stay consistent to actually start seeing the results I wanted...

After many trials and attempts, I discovered what worked for Instagram and found a formula that helped me stay consistent while getting the attention my content deserved.


The best part? I built the online business of my dreams using Instagram.

Now, I want to share all this with you through weekly support and content, so that you don't give up before even starting.

I want you to enjoy Instagram as much as I do and forget about all the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that the idea of creating a new post causes you!

I can't wait to see you inside the IG Content Club!


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens as soon as I join?

As soon as you sign up, you’ll gain access to the student portal where you can get access to the content vault, past trend reports, and all trainings and materials. You’ll also be added to the Facebook group so you can introduce yourself to your new community.

How do I know this is the right program for me?

The IG Content Club is for anyone that is struggling with Instagram Growth, Content Strategy, and Content Creation. If you have been stuck with at least one of the previous, then it's clear you need an extra hand. This membership will help you beat inconsistency, anxiety, and overwhelm when it comes to Instagram. We give you all the resources and support that you need so you can focus on what you do the best: grow your business.. If you don't feel satisfied with the membership, you can cancel anytime.

Is this membership only for creators?

Actually NO! This membership is for the busy entrepreneur, business owner, or anyone who struggles with Instagram Growth, Content Strategy & Content Creation. However, if you're a content creator you are absolutely welcome to join us. The trainings and resources will definitely help you perfect your craft and improve your Instagram strategy. 

How often is there new content added?

There is new content added EVERY WEEK! Yes, you heard right? The content prompts with captions templates and trending audio reports are added every week. However, as soon as you join you'll get access to the entire content vault where you'll be able to search for content ideas based on different categories. New Instagram trainings are added every month and the Hot Seat Coaching & Q&A's will be uploaded to the student portal 1 - 2 days after taking place.

What should I do with the resources each month?

I would suggest you get started with the content prompts, trend report to create your weekly content, and joining the Facebook community. The prompts give you very detailed instructions on how to create each piece of content and it gives you direct links to the templates or audios (if it's a Reel) you should use. Once you've created your content, you can review the trainings and other materials.

What is the difference between ICC and a course?

ICC is a membership that is constantly updated, unlike a course that remains unchanged. This approach is logical because Instagram is continuously evolving and being updated. Therefore, my goal was to design an offering that would also develop. Additionally, I want ICC to be a valuable resource that you can access whenever you require assistance or want to learn how to benefit from Instagram's new features and updates.

Does it include 1:1 with Juan?

Inside ICC you will get access to a private Facebook community where you get direct access to Juan and you can ask him anything, anytime. There are also monthly hot seat coaching sessions and Q&A's for members inside this group. If you want 1:1 with Juan, you can upgrade to the VIP experience where you get 3 1h-sessions with Juan to go over your Instagram, content, and business strategy.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time directly from the student portal. Note: there are no refunds granted for any purchases.

How many opportunities and sales do you think you’re missing out on every day because your Instagram and your content don’t stand out?

If you’ve read through everything I’ve written and made your way all the way down here, then you know your content needs an update. Clients are looking for someone like you right now and they’re searching on Instagram, credit card in hand (or at least stored in their phones).

The question is: are you putting yourself and your content out there consistently in a way that makes it easy for people to say “hell yes” to follow you, engage with you, and eventually pay you? Are you answering their questions and giving them the confidence needed through your content to buy from you? 

Or are you accidentally pushing away new potential followers (and buyers) with confusing content that creates more questions than answers?

Inside the IG Content Club, I will support you with consistent content and resources that turn all the “maybe’s” into new followers who scream “HELL YEAHS”, every time you post and tell you “here’s my money” every time you sell! 

Are you ready to get so many notifications from new REAL followers, loving, saving, and sharing your content, and sliding into your DM’s to ask you “how can I work with you” - consistently?

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