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Blogging 101: 7 reasons why you need a blog to stand out in 2023

Actualizado: 14 mar 2023

Blogging 101: 7 reasons why you need a blog to stand out in 2023

In this digital era we’re living in, successful digital entrepreneurs must learn how to leverage all the online tools that are available to them. As a content creator or influencer, this is no different.

Content is King, and I will never get tired of repeating this. And one of the most powerful forms of content for any business is a blog.

So if you are a creator that wants to start your own business, one of the first things you should definitely consider is starting your own blog.

Let me tell you 7 reasons why you should definitely do it!

1. To inspire your audience and get closer to them

One of your roles as a creator is to inspire your audience to take action.

Whether it is to change their lifestyle or travel to a new destination. Inspiring content is perhaps the most representative of tools like Instagram.

Through a blog, you can take this inspirational content to another level and make sure to connect deeper with your most engaged audience.

Plus, you are driving them down the conversion funnel, if you ever think about monetizing your following.

2. Improve your copywriting skills

It should be no mystery that a good creator or influencer should know how to master the art of copywriting.

If you really want to be able to connect with your audience at a deeper level, you have to know how to keep them hooked, what types of words will have a stronger effect on them, the tone of voice that better resonates with them, etc

When you start writing a blog, it might feel weird at the beginning.

I mean, you go from writing captions on Instagram which averages between 65 - 70 words, to writing texts that could be more than 2000 words.

However, the more you practice, the better you’ll feel and the better you’ll get.

You will see how your creativity expands helping you to write more about what people love to read, which in return will attract a much larger audience.

3. To develop new skills

Not only you will get better at writing, but develop tons of new skills that will be highly beneficial if you want to find work and projects as content creators.

Some of the skills I have developed while working on my blog are:

  • SEO

  • Web design

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Management

  • Website Hosting

4. To expand your personal brand

The more that you write about a specific topic outside of Instagram, the more authority you start building in your niche. And this helps in building your online brand.

If you keep providing value, you will start being recognized as someone indispensable in your community.

You will continue to build trust among your audience and this can result in very positive things like being able to work with your audience for future projects.

They’ll value your knowledge and advice and will want to work with you.

5. To generate extra income

We all want to make more money and blogging can help you achieve this.

Remember that success is about having multiple streams of income and not just one.

Generating an income through your blog is possible and it’s certainly not easy but if you work hard and you are consistent you can definitely start to profit from your blog.

6. A blog gives you more creative freedom

As content creators, social media networks like Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok limit us a lot with the content we need to create.

With social media you have to be sure of following their guidelines, creating the content that they want you to create, etc And sometimes creators feel like they don’t have creative ownership.

You will never own any social media network like you own your own blog.

With a blog, you can choose what features you want, choose the layout, the kind of content you want to create, etc

7. You will own your audience

When you have a blog and you get people subscribing to it, you are the sole owner of this list of subscribers.

You have something that is extremely valuable for marketers: their emails.

The thing with social media is that you might work extremely hard to build your online audience, but you will never own it.

The day that Instagram decided to shut down, all this will be lost.

Wrapping up

So, you might have never thought about the importance of having your own blog. But in times when there is so much competition out there, owning your own blog can definitely help you stand out and succeed.

In my 1:1 personalized coaching for creators, we look at how can you use your blog to improve your Instagram presence.

We go over blogging strategies and ways in which you can optimize your content creation for all social media with a blog post!

If you feel like you could use an extra hand, join my Side-Hustlers to Full-time creator program.


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